The first inky fingered scribblings…

Hello All! Welcome to the evanescent, murky corners of my mind. I hope you enjoy your time wandering here. I enjoy creating worlds. Every person is a character, every character has a story. That story might be a fairy-tale, or an horror, or an adventure. Really it’s up to the person, the character, to decide where there tale will lead. Now me, I have no story, I am no character. I am a storyteller, therefor I am all characters and no character, in no story but in all stories.

But I digress. Let’s write this first blog about something that has been on my mind lately. Something very important and integral to any writer’s career. Possibly the most important thing any writer will ever have to know.

I’m speaking, or course, about commas. Commas, those nifty little things. They can impart so much meaning in writing. They can change the very meaning of a phrase entirely. Yes, commas are very important things. And I loathe them.

I hate them because they are so damned confusing. I seem to either use them too much or too little. Soooo I bought Eats, Shoots & Leaves. I figured it was about time for me to take a punctuation and grammatical refresher course anyway. Grammar next week! This week I will be trying to re-teach myself all of the proper punctuation that I used to so snobbishly flaunt. I also bought a new vocabulary book to add to my collection. That needs some re-vamping as well.

So in the interest of being a stellar freaking writer I will be brushing up on the basics. The building blocks, if you will, of the trade.

Expect to see more posts about that. Also I’m going to start participating in The WordPress Daily Post experiment. I figured this is a fitting blog for it. I don’t know that I will do it everyday but when one strikes my fancy I will.

Stay tuned friends, I’ll catch you all up on my current writing projects soon.


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